One of the most popularly conducted activities on the Internet is eCommerce. It is the purchase and sale of goods and service through dedicated websites. Studies have indicated that the Internet is the first option for consumers who are searching for specific goods and services. As such, millions of dollars are exchanged in this industry every day. ECommerce relies on an infrastructure combination of online stores, monetary transaction methods as well as a variety of delivery strategies.

This online activity is divided into two main categories. These are Business to Consumer (B2C), Consumer to Consumer (C2C) and Business to Business (B2B) eCommerce. Seeing as this industry is one of the biggest parts of activity in the World Wide Web, here are some interesting statistics of eCommerce.

A collection of eCommerce statistics

40% of the entire Internet is dedicated to eCommerce This is where goods and services are bought and sold through desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. This sector of the Internet has more than 1 billion individual online buyers and is always growing.

The most popular eCommerce platform on the Internet is