Fitbit is a revolutionary piece of wearable tech that had become an instant hit with fitness enthusiasts from all across the globe. The new health and fitness software enables it’s users to keep a track of their fitness progress by effectively monitoring the wearers’ activity throughout the day.
The Fitbit device is comfortable to wear on a wrist of any size and can be easily linked to the users’ smartphone or laptop as well. All the user needs to do is download the official Fitbit app provided by the company onto their devices to begin tracking their activity.

The newest version of the Fitbit device is the Alta HR, which unlike the previous versions mainly measures the health levels of the individual and is also designed to help enhance the overall well-being of the wearer. The new device has many of the old functions that its predecessors had
like movement and activity tracking, but the main feature of the Alta HR is its ability to help the user manage their weight properly, set daily goals to monitor progress and most importantly, it analyzes their sleeping patterns.

The new device itself had undergone a complete makeover which is quite apparent if you had bought the initial versions of the Fitbit. The new Alta HR has a sleek and thinner design. It also has the classic sporty look of any health and fitness device to match any exercise outfit. However,
people are not buying the new Fitbit Alta HR just because it looks good on your wrist while training. Apart from helping people live achieve their daily fitness goals, the new Fitbit focuses on the complete wellness of a person, including their sleep stages and daily diet.

This Fitbit is one the only devices that helps give valuable information about the users sleep patterns, so that they live more healthy and fuller lives. The device tracks the users’ heart-rate during the night and gives an accurate report on the quality of sleep the person received next
morning. As every living person needs to have a good night’s sleep in order to perform at the optimum level the next day, this feature has been well-received by many tech-savvy customers. Additionally, the device does have some other exciting features that make it one of the most popular wearable fitness tech devices available till date.

For starters, the device actually encourages users to be more active by sending them frequent vibration alerts to tell them that they need to continue walking or do some activity. Many studies have shown that sitting at one single place for long periods of time can adversely affect a
person’s back and posture. Not to mention their energy levels. So the device plays its part in reminding people to get up from their office chairs or bean bags and go for a quick walk outside.The Fitbit app also has a gamify type of function, where the user can challenge their friends or relatives to various fitness goals and compare the stats at the end of the challenge.

In case, you already are into certain fixed fitness regimes like yoga for instance, then you can easily log your exercises into the app to monitor that activity. However, what really makes the new
Fitbit Alta HR really stand out is the new sleep tracking technology that has been incorporated into all Alta HR devices to promote a healthy 6 to 8 hours of sleep. With all these incredible features the current price tag of around $150 for the device seems pretty reasonable. It is a price that many fitness geeks out there would be willing to pay for tech wear that does a great job in helping them live a better and healthier lifestyle.