Google Docs Tools

Research Tool – The new tool that Google Apps have just rolled out can be used in a couple of ways. If you are searching for a topic, click the ‘Tools’ tab at the top of your document and thereafter select RESEARCH. As a sidebar on the right of your document appears, you can start searching in the same way as you would have done from Google’s homepage. Of course, here it much faster.

On the other hand, you can highlight a word in your document, followed by selecting ‘Research’ which will return search results predominantly related to the word that has been selected.

Toolbars – There are toolbars galore as well as browser extensions and bookmarks out there to assist you in your SEO deals with information on topics that range from PageRank to Domain Authority, Broken Links, PPC data, etc. Here are a few of these.

However, some of these extensions are known not to play well together and so you may need to enable/disable these individually to get the desired result.

Free PPC / Advertising Tools (Gift Vouchers)

Even though it may sound funny to to see a gift horse in the face or for that matter, free tools for unambiguously paid services, but nevertheless, they are there for you to see, especially if you intend to impress others with a quick burst of traffic.

Incidentally, you may not links for these since you need to get AdWords vouchers either by signing up or picking one up from an advertiser with an agency account while the sundry social media advertising vouchers are available for the mere asking, such as:

Adwords Vouchers ($80-$100) most common

Specific Inquiries into Social Networks also result in Vouchers that include StumbleUpon, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc.

Free Social Media Marketing Tools

Amazingly enough, not only these are available literally dime a dozen, but at the same time they literally speak for themselves. Here are few of these.

Buffer- Tweets at the best time of the day from a queue of your tweets

Followerwonk – Amazing analytics tool for Twitter, more drilldown methods than you could even imagine, and a lot of its features are available for free.

MarketMeSuite – Nice alternative to Tweetdeck with a more forceful focus. Find and follow users who use specific keywords in their tweets.

Tweetdeck – The standard in social media dashboards; there are better ones out there, but not many, and fewer are free.

Bitly – The most widely used URL shortener with built-in analytics.

Free Analytics Tools

Even though there are quite a few options for website analytics but not very many free choices like some of these described below.

Google Analytics- The most forceful free analytics suite on the web.

AdWords Keyword Tool – Traffic starts for nearly every imaginable keyword, even though there are rumors that the traffic estimates are inaccurate.

Wordstream- Wordstream can be a bit limited from its free side, but it’s a powerful tool.

Wordtracker – A lot like Wordstream; pretty limited, but free and not-Google.

Domain Samurai – No doubt, it pulls from Google’s data, but it has a few smart filtering options that could help you find some good long-tail phrases. Moreover, its free too.

Free Email Marketing Tool

Mailchimp – I’d mention other options if there were any that were even close to as good as this. To be honest about it, this service rocks and the basic plan is free. The advanced plans are pretty reasonable too, and the added features are fantastic.