Have fun on a junk? Sounds like a bunch of bunk. If that’s what you think, you probably don’t know much about junk boats or their versatility. Junk boats, a traditional boat used in East Asian countries such as China, Vietnam and Indonesia, has a unique design with a high bow and multiple, large, square sails. Junk boats have a long history of use as trading vessels that goes back over a thousand years. While you may think junk boats are just an old time ship or something found in a museum, junk boats are still alive and well as sea-faring vessels. Aside from their cool look, junk boats offer a variety of ways you can have fun on the water.

When most people end up on a junk boat, whether touring Hong Kong or Halong Bay in Vietnam, it’s probably on some sort of a charter. Junk boats, with their stable design, offer comfortable, quick and reliable water navigation. With their substantial size and covered decks, junk boats also make a great venue for any type of catered events, whether moored or on the water.

There’s no better way to enjoy authentic Asian fare, or even just some simple sandwiches, than while cruising around on an authentic, Asian junk boat. Most modern junk boats are well-fitted with kitchens and storage areas for all of your party essentials, so partying, or just chilling, on a junk boat is a relatively streamlined event. Junk boats also offer an awesome opportunity for water sports enthusiasts.

If you like wakeboarding, jet skiing or just floating on a raft, junk boats can either bring you to the action or help make the action happen. For those who don’t need as much equipment, junk boats are a great platform for snorkeling and swimming. If you want to stay on-board but still enjoy the water, junk boats allow participants to engage in activities ranging from dance parties to sunbathing and everything in between.

Most people will probably go on a junk boat trip during the warmer weather, but the great thing about junk boats is that you can go out on the water whenever, where ever. To top it up, junk boat catering services are a great addition to any warm junk boat trip!

Night time junk boat trips are a great way to have a relaxing evening while seeing the sights and the night time lights. Junk boats are also great if you’re looking to travel to and spend some time at a beach, whether for an hour or a whole day. And for those adventurous seafarers who get bored quickly, you can even dabble in junk-swapping, if you find yourself in the presence of multiple junk boats. Just be careful: once you go on one one junk boat, you may never want to leave.

If you’re looking for an authentic adventure or just to enjoy the calm of the sea, a junk boat trip offers multiple ways for every one to enjoy their time. From fine dining, drinking, aquatic activities or just plain relaxing, all of this is possible on a junk boat. Junk boats aren’t just popular in far-flung locales but are essential pieces of the aquatic dynamic of bustling southeast Asian metropolises. With so many things to do on a junk boat, it’s not hard to see why junk boats have withstood the test of time and continue to capture the imaginations and enthusiasm of those who step onboard.