From innovative appliances for the kitchen tasks to electronic gadgets for day-to-day use, we simply love gadgets of every kind. Similarly, cool wearable gadgets are being engineered these days for runners, hikers and gym bunnies. These gadgets have become a rage because of their outstanding features and the way they make your exercise more fun. The power of gadgets is gradually changing the perception that working out isn’t fun. Once you throw one or two gadgets into the mix while working out, you can completely transform even a downright boring session in the gym.

Are you an ardent gym-goer, look out for these cool gadgets and make your working out incredibly awesome.

Sony NWZ-W273 Walkman:

Whether you detest running or plumbing the depths of a swimming pool alone seems boring to you, you can always look up to this ingenious Walkman by Sony. With 4 GB storage and bold audio, this amazing gadget is going to rock your sessions exceptionally. It is more like wearing a Bluetooth headset whose battery will last for about eight hours.

Savfy Neckband Foldable Bluetooth 4.1 Headphone:

With the standby time of up to 300 hours and secured earbuds, this foldable Sports Wireless Bluetooth Headphones lets you enjoy your music when you are busy playing or working out in the gym alone. It saves you from the unnecessary hassles of dangling wires all over you. It produces a dynamic sound and gives you an amazing music experience no matter where you are.

Finis Neptune:

What could be more motivating than your favorite music when you want to run or cycle an extra mile? This amazing Finis Neptune is the coolest wearable gadget which will encourage you to swim your last lap. This swimming goggle is a device that uses bone conduction audio designed to relay music to your ears without any earbuds.

Misfit Shine:

Misfit Shine, an activity tracker, is an all-in-one solution because it is a bracelet, a pendant and you can also keep it in your pocket in case you don’t want to wear it. You can set daily goals on your iOS device and keep track of your activities using this device. It is a waterproof gadget, and so you can dive in for a lap without worries.

Withings Thermo:

Read your temperature in two seconds using the sixteen inbuilt sensors of this outstanding health gadget. You can connect to an app via WiFi and keep track of your readings through this app. It is a cool gadget to give you the accurate temperature of your body before and after work out.

nPower PEG:

You are hiking in the wilds and listening to your favorite music, but suddenly your music device dies. How would you refuel your phone? Well, this power energy generator with a USB 2.0 output is the need of every other gadget. Place it vertically in your backpack or handbag and use every time your gadgets run out of energy.

These cool gadgets are a must for every fitness freak. They are fun and incredibly amazing because of their features.