Different fun things you can do on a junk boat

Have fun on a junk? Sounds like a bunch of bunk. If that’s what you think, you probably don’t know much about junk boats or their versatility. Junk boats, a traditional boat used in East Asian countries such as China, Vietnam and Indonesia, has a unique design with a high bow and multiple, large, square sails. Junk boats have a long history of use as trading vessels that goes back over a thousand years. While you may think junk boats are just an old time ship or something found in a museum, junk boats are still alive and well as sea-faring vessels. Aside from their cool look, junk boats offer a variety of ways you can have fun on the water.

When most people end up on a junk boat, whether touring Hong Kong or Halong Bay in Vietnam, it’s probably on some sort of a charter. Junk boats, with their stable design, offer comfortable, quick and reliable water navigation. With their substantial size and covered decks, junk boats also make a great venue for any type of catered events, whether moored or on the water.

There’s no better way to enjoy authentic Asian fare, or even just some simple sandwiches, than while cruising around on an authentic, Asian junk boat. Most modern junk boats are well-fitted with kitchens and storage areas for all of your party essentials, so partying, or just chilling, on a junk boat is a relatively streamlined event. Junk boats also offer an awesome opportunity for water sports enthusiasts.

If you like wakeboarding, jet skiing or just floating on a raft, junk boats can either bring you to the action or help make the action happen. For those who don’t need as much equipment, junk boats are a great platform for snorkeling and swimming. If you want to stay on-board but still enjoy the water, junk boats allow participants to engage in activities ranging from dance parties to sunbathing and everything in between.

Most people will probably go on a junk boat trip during the warmer weather, but the great thing about junk boats is that you can go out on the water whenever, where ever. To top it up, junk boat catering services are a great addition to any warm junk boat trip!

Night time junk boat trips are a great way to have a relaxing evening while seeing the sights and the night time lights. Junk boats are also great if you’re looking to travel to and spend some time at a beach, whether for an hour or a whole day. And for those adventurous seafarers who get bored quickly, you can even dabble in junk-swapping, if you find yourself in the presence of multiple junk boats. Just be careful: once you go on one one junk boat, you may never want to leave.

If you’re looking for an authentic adventure or just to enjoy the calm of the sea, a junk boat trip offers multiple ways for every one to enjoy their time. From fine dining, drinking, aquatic activities or just plain relaxing, all of this is possible on a junk boat. Junk boats aren’t just popular in far-flung locales but are essential pieces of the aquatic dynamic of bustling southeast Asian metropolises. With so many things to do on a junk boat, it’s not hard to see why junk boats have withstood the test of time and continue to capture the imaginations and enthusiasm of those who step onboard.

How is amazon is continuing to gain despite of the crisis

Nowadays, going out of your home is going to be a huge risk, especially for your health. We have an enemy that cannot be seen- which is COVID-19- and your best bet to avoid this enemy is to stay at home and be away from people for the time being. With this in mind, groceries and buying some necessities could be tricky. Most stores are still closed and others have a long line waiting for you just to get that bottle of milk. However, do not despair, there is a way for you to get the stuffs the you need and that’s through Amazon.

Amazon has been one of the most trusted e-commerce companies in the world, and they can deliver anything across the globe. Selling online has been one of the most thought out ways to gain money despite the COVID-19 crisis. It also connects the seller and the buyer without physical contact. It’s a much safer way to shop rather than going out in the open with the threat of having the virus. In addition, you can sell some items on Amazon as well. Grocery shopping has a huge effect on Amazon and grocery shopping online jumped from 11% to 41% in just one day. Through the past few months, Amazon isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

Wall street is loving Amazon right now, with Amazon’s stock finishing the first quarter with a lot of gain, while the other tech giants and broader markets are going down on a steep hill. Amazon is at the top of their game right now. For the first three months of 2020, Amazon shares were up by 5.5%, winning over the S&P 500’s 20% drop, and Apple and Alphabet has watched their stocks go down by 13% and Facebook was down by 18%. This just means that Amazon’s stock is just that resilient compared to other companies amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. Amazon is looking like the beneficiary from this outbreak.

Shopping online has been an ongoing trend, and Amazon acts as a mall that can be on your phone or your computer without the hassle of standing in line. Shoppers and as well as sellers are benefiting in this situation. How Amazon continues to handle it all is something that other companies need to be inspired of, especially in terms of marketing and management.

Online shopping has been a thing of the past, but today with the outbreak that we are experiencing, online shopping has been so significant that some people depend on it just for the sake of being safe and following the rules in social-distancing. It’s great that there are various of people following it, but what’s remarkable is that there’s a company that can provide amidst all of this. Not only can it provide, but it can also be a source of income for the people that can’t go to work. At the end of the day, Amazon continues to be one of the biggest and widely known e-commerce platform, and it continues to rise amidst this pandemic.

How did Alibaba become a Global Giant so quickly?

Alibaba is the most popular e-commerce in China. It accounts for 58.2% of Chinese retail market share, while the second one, JD.com, has 16.3%. Alibaba was founded in 1999 and now owns products such as Taobao, Tmall, Alipay etc, which covers retailer, brand, logistics, financial service and many more.

The success of Alibaba is due to loads of factors. As far as I am concerned, there are three main reasons resulting in its achievement today, ie, Taobao,advertising, leadership.


Taobao is an online retail platform, equivalent to Ebay and Amazon. officially established by Alibaba on 10th May 2003. To obtain as big market as possible, Taobao was free to register and use, even if it had a trading loss for 5 consecutive years since it started. It attracted a significant amount of retailers to open their online shops on Taobao.

On 13 January 2009, Taobao announced that the trade volume reached 99.96 billion RMB in 2008 and it became Chinese biggest retail market. Chinese people began to give up shopping on high street retailers, but on Taobao. Taobao became a brand of Alibaba who soon developed other products, Alipay, identical to Paypal, Aliwangwang, similar to Skype, Ant Credit Pay, like a small loan provider. In a word, Taobao is the foundation of Alibaba’s services.


In China, 11 November is celebrated as Single’s Day, which started in 2009. Alibaba decided to have a big sales day between autumn and winter and aimed at young customers. Single is a very attractive theme among youngsters and Alibaba took a big advantage of it to promote the sales. Undoubtfully, it is a massive victory. The sales came to 52 million RMB, 10 times as much as daily sales. The Single’s Day sales on Taobao has been on every year since 2009, it is said that the sales was 213.5 billion RMB on 11 November 2018 alone.

Apart from Single’s Day, Alibaba also dispatches red packets, lucky moeny, over Chinese New Year. Chinese people are obssessed to login to Taobao to participate in this activity. Talking about how much red packets received is a beloved topic over the Chinese New Year.


Jack Ma is the founder of Alibaba. He is a superman who has unique insight, creative ideas and strong personality.

As an English teacher and translator, he received a very decent salary in late 1990s, and it was a dream job for most Chinese people. However, Jack Ma made his decision to quit his job and started online business. In 1990s, lots of Chinese people never heard about online business, but Jack Ma believed in its great potential and invested it. He didn’t manage to make any profit for almost 10 years, but he never gave up.

He had an idea to start financial service Ant Credit Pay. It is similar to bank services from which you can borrown money, save money, buy financial products but in a much smaller amount. Ant Credit Pay helps young people buy stuff on Taobao, thus boosting business in both Taobao and Ant Credit Pay.

He convinced his business partners that his idea is not impossible and they can make it work. He used his personal skills to persuade them to stand on his side to develop Ant Credit Pay, Aliexpress, Alibaba Clound, which are new products changing customers’ behaviour.

Thanks to Taobao, great advertising and Jack Ma, Alibaba is growing faster than competitors. It is still growing and the market Alibaba is targeting at is international, as their products are issuing international versions.

How Logistics Is Changing in 2018 and Beyond

How is logistics changing in 2018 in terms of speed and convenience/technology?

Logistics serve as one of the most important aspects of business management in today’s business sector. With more technology emerging each and every day, the more the improvements have continued to be seen. There are no doubts that logistics and supply chain management is very critical to the company and the nation at large.

A lot is changing in today’s world of logistics. Starting from shipping, air cargo to the courier services, a lot has changed to give space for improvements. Modern technology has transformed the way logistics issues are handled every day. All these aims at providing quick and manageable services to the clients that the logistics serve.

More advanced methods of conducting business in logistics have changed. Every company is digital. Air Cargo is one of the new improvements that have greatly transformed the mode of transacting logistic business. The air cargo is the fastest mode of cargo shipping and delivery. With quick and manageable orders, one can do an easy international purchase and delivery only takes hours or a day at most

The time that we used to ship good from France or Italy for more than one month before delivery is over. With one click of an online button, be sure that you will have your good next to your door within a short period of time. We have seen modern courier service providers who have highly benefited from the new technology in terms of how they handle their business.

Here are some of the new technologies that have played a big role in transforming the Logistics sector;
Use of Bar Codes- This is one of the many Automation Identification Technologies that provide the company with the chance to make a direct entry of the business data and information without necessarily operating with the keyboard.
Radio Frequency Identification- RFID is used as an alternative to barcodes. They usually allow for non-contact reading of the data and hence this makes them effective in the manufacturing industry.

Radio Frequency Tags- This is a small silicon chip that stores data in the microcircuit. The chip helps you manage the inventory system in the way the manufacturer handles the assets.

With all these changes in the logistics sector, the cost of shipping and delivering your goods is now lower compared to the previous time. All these have been made possible by many improvements that are happening in today’s world of business.

Speed and the reliability is another potential feature in the logistics sector that has highly transformed the way look at the thing. Air freight is much faster. Furthermore, it has taken a bigger role in saving your time and money as well.

Most of the sea shipments will tend to take for than a month, hence you can rely on this mode to deliver your goods at the desired faster time.

Many rely on Air cargo services at the time of quick delivery. It’s evident that as technology evolves every day, so does the business sector improves. Better services can, therefore, be achieved.

What are the 5 fastest growing industries worldwide

Investing in lucrative industries can be challenging. One must consider a lot of factors before entering into something complicated like putting up a business. It is important to know which industry gets the highest demand and what type of industry is the most profitable nowadays.

International businessmen are always on a look out on another business venture that they can invest on. But before investing, there are of course a lot of factors to consider. Most investors do a lot of feasibility studies for years before coming up with the best decision.

If you are an Investor or an Entrepreneur, you may want to consider these 5 fastest growing industries when you are planning on a new business venture. 1. Mining/ Oil/ Gas Currently the fastest growing industry in the United States, services with mining, oil or gas is now becoming more profitable worldwide. Mining and petroleum products’ economic growth continues to rise every year. Plus, mining is known to have an economic multiplier effect, which means, it will always gain more profit in the coming years and will always boost the economy.

2. Computer System Design/ Information Technology

The computer-based industry has been on top of the fastest growing industries for the past 2 decades. This is understandable because everything that we do now is always based on computers.

We are now living in a digital era where almost everything is controlled by computers. Information Technology (IT) is on top of all the other fastest growing industries, and IT will still remain on top for the years to come.

3. Construction

In the list of the top 10 industries having the highest sales growth, 7 companies are from the Construction industry. It is widely known that construction is a multi-million dollar industry, and it has the fastest sales growth around the world. It comprises residential/ non-residential builders, building finishing contractors, and contractors for mechanical utilities. It was reported that this industry was able to reach the sales growth of 13% in the past year.

4. Beverage Manufacturing

There is no doubt that beverage manufacturing companies rank high in the fastest growing industries around the world. The percentage of daily beverage consumption is always high in different countries, that is why soda, beer, water, and juices make big contributions to the economy.

5. Cryptocurrencies Last on the list is Cryptocurrencies. The “new money” or “digital money” is paving waves in the online community, and making a difference in the economy for the past years. Investing in a cryptocurrency is likely the best option nowadays, as it promises a good pricing in the future. Examples of top cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Yumerium, Litecoin, Monero, Neo, and a lot more. Economists believe that cryptocurrencies will be a stable multi-billion dollar industry in the future.

So there goes the fastest growing industries that we have all over the world. If you are an Investor, an Entrepreneur, or a simple Businessman, we hope that this article has helped you somehow and that you are able to get an idea on where to invest your money.

The all-new Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit is a revolutionary piece of wearable tech that had become an instant hit with fitness enthusiasts from all across the globe. The new health and fitness software enables it’s users to keep a track of their fitness progress by effectively monitoring the wearers’ activity throughout the day.
The Fitbit device is comfortable to wear on a wrist of any size and can be easily linked to the users’ smartphone or laptop as well. All the user needs to do is download the official Fitbit app provided by the company onto their devices to begin tracking their activity.

The newest version of the Fitbit device is the Alta HR, which unlike the previous versions mainly measures the health levels of the individual and is also designed to help enhance the overall well-being of the wearer. The new device has many of the old functions that its predecessors had
like movement and activity tracking, but the main feature of the Alta HR is its ability to help the user manage their weight properly, set daily goals to monitor progress and most importantly, it analyzes their sleeping patterns.

The new device itself had undergone a complete makeover which is quite apparent if you had bought the initial versions of the Fitbit. The new Alta HR has a sleek and thinner design. It also has the classic sporty look of any health and fitness device to match any exercise outfit. However,
people are not buying the new Fitbit Alta HR just because it looks good on your wrist while training. Apart from helping people live achieve their daily fitness goals, the new Fitbit focuses on the complete wellness of a person, including their sleep stages and daily diet.

This Fitbit is one the only devices that helps give valuable information about the users sleep patterns, so that they live more healthy and fuller lives. The device tracks the users’ heart-rate during the night and gives an accurate report on the quality of sleep the person received next
morning. As every living person needs to have a good night’s sleep in order to perform at the optimum level the next day, this feature has been well-received by many tech-savvy customers. Additionally, the device does have some other exciting features that make it one of the most popular wearable fitness tech devices available till date.

For starters, the device actually encourages users to be more active by sending them frequent vibration alerts to tell them that they need to continue walking or do some activity. Many studies have shown that sitting at one single place for long periods of time can adversely affect a
person’s back and posture. Not to mention their energy levels. So the device plays its part in reminding people to get up from their office chairs or bean bags and go for a quick walk outside.The Fitbit app also has a gamify type of function, where the user can challenge their friends or relatives to various fitness goals and compare the stats at the end of the challenge.

In case, you already are into certain fixed fitness regimes like yoga for instance, then you can easily log your exercises into the app to monitor that activity. However, what really makes the new
Fitbit Alta HR really stand out is the new sleep tracking technology that has been incorporated into all Alta HR devices to promote a healthy 6 to 8 hours of sleep. With all these incredible features the current price tag of around $150 for the device seems pretty reasonable. It is a price that many fitness geeks out there would be willing to pay for tech wear that does a great job in helping them live a better and healthier lifestyle.

What is the future of shipping goods to customers?

Back in the nineteenth century, shipping took a long time. Mail shipped (quite literally in a ship) from the US could take up to 14 weeks to reach Europe, and the Atlantic crossing was subject to the vicissitudes of wind and weather. In addition, historians of this era have found that in general mail ships would take a fortnight longer to make any kind of long journey when compared to the more streamlined merchant ships. In sum, just 200 years ago, you would be waiting a very long time for any package.

Nowadays, the story is very different. Transatlantic airmail can take just 3 days in total, whilst many interstate services ship on a same day basis provided that the customer has ordered early enough in the morning. Streamlined freight routes, the powering of container ships using a combination of efficient technology and fossil fuels and (of course) the invention of aircraft for airmail have all contributed to this dramatic reduction in shipping times across the world. Shipping times have gone from weeks or months to days or even hours thanks to advancements in human technology. But what is the future of shipping goods to consumers? There may well be a few changes on the horizon.

Factors driving changes in shipping times and methods.

In 2016, we saw the first container shipping company to file for bankruptcy since 1986. This company was South Korea’s Hanjin Shipping. This is part of a wider pattern of decline in the container shipping industry, which is partly driven by environmental factors. Many recent articles have been published citing the statistic that 9 container shipping companies are responsible for most of the fossil fuel driven pollution in the world today. With the aviation and container shipping industries facing increasing pressure both from dedicated environmental groups and from ordinary consumers, many companies are seeking alternative shipping methods for their goods.

What does the future of shipping look like?

Many commentators believed that the advent of the internet would spell the end of conventional mail and shipping. Why would people post letters and mail each other packages when they could just communicate online, instead? These commentators were proved wrong: the lure of the handwritten letter or special birthday package remains as strong as it ever was and the web has facilitated a growth in the shipping industries as more and more people order goods online. As a result, advertising companies spent 13.9% more on direct mail in 2017 than they did in 2016. The future of shipping thus looks larger than ever before.

Shipping by drone?

Using large numbers of drones to ship goods to customers could be an excellent way to deal both with the increased demand for shipping and with the increased consumer desire for shipping services that are both efficient and eco friendly. It has recently become known that Amazon has been piloting a drone delivery scheme for some time now, and we could soon see it rolled out onto our streets.


Another option to increase shipping efficiency and environmental friendliness in the future is one which is already being rolled out by companies such as Amazon. This scheme involves using several different warehouses dotted throughout a given region rather than relying on one central warehouse.

Cool branding and packaging ideas for your company to effectively beat competition

The current business environment has a lot of competing companies. Many companies are fighting to be a head in terms of controlling a wider customer base. This may not be easy especially if you are are new in the market. There are, however, many ideas you can use in both branding and packaging that can help you be way above you competition. Once you are able to control a large portion of the market, then you can comfortably say that your business is able to forge ahead.

Some of these branding and packaging ideas include:

These will enable your customers be able to conveniently shop from your stores. With happier customers, you are able to increase the volume of sales thus ensuring you are able to continually make profits. These bags can also be used as a very affordable advertisement media. Beautifully print the name of your company, your contacts, the products you deal in among others on this packaging bag. When your customers walk with these bags around, they are able to create curiosity among the potential customers who may end up buying you products. This way, you are able to increase your customer base thus being able to sell more above you competitors.

Make your brand about your customers. Use colors they can identify with, a logo that stands out and a mission statement that the customers are able to feel is all about them. This increases their loyalty towards what you offer. Make yourself separate from your competition. This enables the customers know who you are and identify with you.

A reputation is built by offering the best to your customers. Make yourself reliable and increase you level of credibility. Most people always want to identify with companies with a larger than life respect and recognition. Have personnel who deliver professionally and are believable. This way, you are able to not only retain your current customers, but also attract new ones from your competitors who will still be delivering substandard commodities.

You need to give your customers a reason to purchase from you rather than you competitors. Find out exactly what your customers want. It may be flexible services, lower prices or the latest commodities. Once you identify what your customers want and you are able to satisfy that exact need that they have, you are able to endear yourself to them thus increasing their level of loyalty. This is to the advantage of your company and to the disadvantage of your competitors.

The customers needs and mentality are dynamic. They keep changing from one time to another. If you do not change to meet their needs and handle their mental belief, then you will find it very difficult to retain them or having more of them coming to your business. Re-brand as time progresses. Be trendy and more fashionable in your adverts and packaging. Capture the minds and imaginations of you customers beyond what your competitors are able to do.

How To Design and Sell A Product From Scratch

Every product that is being sold today was once an idea that was on someones mind.The process of designing an idea of a product into a final product that can eventually lead to profitability is not an easy thing.Proper care has to be taken to ensure that it actually becomes a success.This requires hard work, patience, commitment and great focus.The process can be divided into stages highlighted below:


You must know the product you want to design and your target customers.This will help you know the level of competition the product you want to launch you is likely to face.This will go a long way into helping you know how to creatively design your commodity in a more attractive way so as to have an edge over your competitors.
It is important to know if the idea of the product you will have returns on investment.
It is important to note that the product idea will not be perfect.It is thus essential to be patient and focused for long term success of your product.Resist the urge to be an overnight success.


Designing a startup idea when you are alone may be a very difficult thing.You need to find like-minded people who will enable your idea take off.Get advise from entrepreneurs whose start-ups have gown into great success.Get people who can properly market your product.This will require you to get people who can properly convince your potential customers to buy into your idea being that people do not easily buy into new ideas if not properly persuaded.
It is important to get people who will be ready to give you timely and genuine advice during your low moments since such moments will obviously be there from time to time during your start-up period.


It is important to follow the right legal channels and patent your idea.This is to avoid someone stealing your idea and claiming it is theirs in future or those who may one day claim you stole their idea once your product becomes big and successful in future.At this point, it is important to get the services of the right attorney to help you in the process of legalizing your product.


A source of finance for your product is important.No idea can kick off without enough financing.You may not have saved enough to enable you finance the business on your own.It is thus important important to find an investor who will buy into your idea and be willing to finance you.This will definitely not be easy.You will need to exhaustively explain to them the returns they will get for their investment into your product.


Do not take too long to finally launch your idea.This is because someone else may take advantage and launch a product that is close to yours thus taking up your niche.Proper timing is hence important when designing and eventually launching your product.

Do regular reviews of your progress and make adjustments when necessary.This makes the success of your product more achievable.

3 Pitfalls To Avoid When Starting A Partnership

One of the most common trends in the current business world is entrepreneurship. People, in large numbers, are understanding the importance of starting and maintaining your own business instead of finding a company or organization where you can be hired. However, even though a very large number of people are starting their own businesses every single day, very few business go through and succeed. Some don’t even make it to their first year which is very confusing considering that it seems very easy. Well, the fact of the matter is that starting a business comes with its own challenges, downfalls and other complications which most people fail to see.

One of the most common ways to start a business is finding a partner with whom you share profits, losses and expenses. Unfortunately, more than half of businesses that start out as partnerships fail. The reasons for these failures are pretty devastating and most people wish they had known about them earlier and had ways to avoid them avoided them. Fortunately, if you are reading this, you have that advantage. Some of these pitfalls are very easily avoidable. Failure to avoid them will definitely lead to the fall of your business which will be devastating.

Ignoring the importance of a contract
Once you start your business with a certain partner, it is important to understand that there is a probability that you might lose everything you put into it because of your partner. There have been many cases of people who fail to put their partnership agreements into a contract only to end up with no profits because their partner took everything for themselves. It does not matter whether it is a friend or family member, failure to have them sign a contract binding you two to the business leaves you at a very vulnerable and risky state. Make sure you have it in writing.

Rushing in blindly
New businesses require a lot of dedication, effort and concentration in order to thrive. Failure to provide your business with these three attributes will lender your efforts worthless. Before you and your partner decide to start the business, it is important to look into every detail of the business, to observe the trends and the possible failures that await you ahead. It is very crucial for your business that you take into consideration other businesses like yours that did not succeed and the reasons why they did not succeed.

Choosing the wrong partner
Your partner will have to be there when the business starts and through all the troubles you will face with the business. Most people do not consider their partner’s character and habits. Your business partner should be a person you want to start your business with because of their vision of the business not just because they can afford to bring in the amount of capital you need. Compare your dedication to the business and make sure you take into consideration what they will bring to the business. Some will lead you to trouble because they are not passionate or as hardworking as you are.